Think Tank Overview

A core activity of CATALYST is the convening of more than 40 researchers, practitioners, businesses, networks and policy makers in a Think Tank designed to facilitate face-to-face and virtual exchanges on best practices in natural hazards and disaster risk reduction and adaptation. CATALYST fosters discussions on such issues as information and data gaps, methodological limitations and seeks in particular to encourage exchanges of information and experiences between the research and policy communities.

The Think Tank is composed of a multi-regional think tank process and four regional processes. In this way, stakeholders can engage in activities, discussions and workshops designed to foster a mutually beneficial transfer of knowledge, and to jointly identify topics of key relevance for disaster risk reduction strategies.


Think Tank process

The Think Tank begins and concludes with the multi-regional process: all the groups work together at the beginning of the Think Tank before breaking up into regional sub-groups to discuss specific issues relevant to their areas. Afterwards, they return to work together for the finalisation of key project deliverables. In this way, the Think Tank is a shared experience for the stakeholders, leading to agreed capacity development products, whilst at the same time maintaining a regional focus with specific regionally-relevant products and guidelines.

The regional process involves four regions identified as particularly vulnerable to climatic hazards. Each regional sub-process will have its own themes to discuss and its own contributions to make to the project. 
This coordinating action will also establish an information archive  of existing NH/DRR resources and research work which will be made available on the website so that all the collated information is easily accessible to the research community. At the end of the project, the archive will be transferred together with the website to an existing organisation or SME concerned with NH/DRR to ensure that it is maintained and enhanced.

Disclaimer. The results contained in this website were produced within the CATALYST project "Capacity Development for Hazard Risk Reduction and Adaptation" funded under the FP7 by the European Commission. This website is the sole responsiblity of the CATALYST Project and does not represent the opinion of the European Community nor is the European community responsible for any use that might be made of the data appearing herein.
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